“The path that one person follows is not the correct path for any other person.
Each of us must walk his own path to enlightenment— that is the way.” 
Wu Wei, I Ching Wisdom



“To have anything we want, we need only raise our level of consciousness to the level of consciousness where what we want exists.”
-- Wu Wei, I Ching Wisdom


“Equalizing the give and pull is the ultimate principle in dealing with the world.”
-- Leizi


“The master sees beyond what is obvious. He sees the unseen, feels the unfelt, and hears the unheard.”
-- Wu Wei, I Ching Wisdom


“Nowhere is there a principle which is right in all circumstances, or an action that is wrong in all circumstances.”
-- Leizi

I am committed to helping patients to achieve inner balance and a stronger sense of self. I combine the latest techniques in Oriental Medicine and counseling to allow patients to restore harmony with their environment and reconnect to who they really are. I work with patients to improve self-confidence, motivation, relationships and their commitment to doing what is right for themselves, such as exercising and preparing healthy meals. In our sessions I help them to actually "feel" the experience of emotional balance, making it easier to train the mind to return to that state. I have found that this approach yields much more rapid results than traditional therapy. “Getting your game back” is a process, but one that is so critical not only to our own development but to that of our children and the family and friends with whom we interact. -- Andrew R. Heimann


This revolutionary form of medicine focuses on restoring your connection to your sense of self.  When you take on too much, give in to the demands of others and otherwise act in a way that is inconsistent with your path to personal evolution and development, then in the process you lose your sense of self.  The result may be repeated patterns of destructive relationships, lack of self-confidence, lack of motivation to do what you know is right for you, such as exercising and preparing healthy meals, and generally feeling "off your game".  Biological Humanism recognizes the complexity of your constant assimilation and exchange of "information" with your environment, including your relationships with friends, family, coworkers, and others you encounter.  It looks at the connections between your biology, psychology, and energetic meridians or channels in relation to your environment.  In other words, it holistically connects the impact of your interaction with factors in your personal environment to your emotional and physical well being.  This style of medicine has been described as the first real bridge between the complexity of Western and Traditional Eastern Medicine.



Acupuncture involves the stimulation of specific points along the body, most typically using thin, stainless steel, disposable needles inserted just under the skin.


Nutripuncture is often used in conjunction with Acupuncture and is based on similar principals and function but with expedited results and without needles.


Together with acupuncture and nutripuncture, counseling helps identify emotional issues and provide constructive guidance to connect with yourself.


Chinese Herbal medicine is used to help restore balance, harmony and vitality between visits.


Andrew holds a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a double major in Psychology and Eastern Religious Studies from Indiana University. Throughout his life he has studied extensively a multi-disciplinary approach to the body and mind. His undergraduate work was in psychology with emphasis on perception and action and brain physiology, and Eastern philosophy.

He is a licensed acupuncturist in 3 states – Florida, New York, and Indiana. He has several years of clinical experience as an acupuncturist in multidisciplinary clinics and he has volunteered his time and medical talents extensively to non-profit organizations. He also currently gives Skype consultation to patients throughout the world.

Andrew lectures throughout North America. He teaches seminars for both patients and medical professionals such as acupuncturists, doctors, chiropractors, psychologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and nurses.

Andrew works intimately with the team of pioneer European researchers who are discovering and showing the deep interrelationships of biomedicine and energy medicine.

Andrew lives in Miami, Florida. In addition to his busy schedule of seeing patients, writing and public speaking, he is an avid reader, meditator, and tennis player.



"Something magical happens when Dr. Andrew appears. Whether it is his magnetic smile or his healing meditative presence, he never leaves you not feeling balanced and centered. He has a compassionate connection with his patients that I have never seen in a healthcare practitioner."
-- Carrie Goodman, Wellington, FL
"Although I know my body well, Dr. Heimann can access my subconscious and heal me at the deepest levels. He not only channels into my body’s deepest reservoirs of healing, but he also helps me rewire my mental and emotional blocks to help aid in the overall healing/treatment process."
-- Samantha Monus, Palm Beach
"Andrew’s compassionate direction has helped me have a deep awareness of what my body and mind needs, what I respond and react to, and how I truly feel at rest. I have more energy, sleep better and have more joy in my life."
-- Marcia Benjamin Columbus, IN
"It's always an amazing experience working with Andrew! He's perfection unfolding and it's contagious!"
-- MTW, Miami, FL
"Since my first session with him, I felt an immediate connection with myself. It was a feeling that I had never before experienced. This deeper “tie” eventually led me to identify stressful points in my life that hindered my personal advancement. Today I can tangibly feel the improvements in the ways I relate to my world and my life. "
-- Maria P. Miami Beach, FL
"I rely on his profound insight and perceptiveness for matters on both gross physical and subtle energetic levels, and for demonstrating blind spots where I'm not recognizing harmful mental habits. Andrew is truly a remarkable therapist."
-- David Newman, New York, NY
"Seeing Andrew on a regular basis has given me a sensitivity to my own body and emotions. Working extensively with Andrew for the past year has allowed me to fine tune deeper issues as well as living a happy and balanced life. For the first time in over ten years, I am off of my anxiety medicine and no longer have a desire to speak with a psychologist."
-- Michelle C. Miami Beach, FL
"Since I started undergoing acupuncture with Andrew Heimann, my stress level has decreased. I am better able to find clarity when new stressors arise in my life. This has not only treated my medical condition, but also helped me to better appreciate my personal life. His ability to diagnose the root of the problem, and his manner of working with patients to find an approach to treat them, is inspiring."
-- Dr. Amanda Berclay, Miami Beach, FL
"During our first consultation, Andrew clearly explained what was happening to my body and he provided a customized treatment. My weekly visits have proven to be a great success. While the stressful situations may still occur, the combination of Andrew's support and treatments along with my new awareness have collectively provided me with the tools to cope with daily stressors in a much healthier way."
-- Anne Stabb Boynton Beach, FL
"Every aspect of my life has improved; my PMS is almost at zero, I sleep well, I have lost weight, overall; I live better. Instead of living off of chocolate and junk food (anxiety), I have become healthier as well. My anxiety is gone!"
-- Alecia Duke Palm Beach Gardens, FL
"I came to him stuffed, coughing, very uncomfortable and frustrated. Dr. Heimann listened to me, took my pulse, concentrated and then put five needles in my body. After about half an hour I felt my nose and lungs release. I now feel so very much better. I have energy, no headaches, no colds. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Heimann for his help, his knowledge, his empathy."
-- Francoise Rambach Wellington, FL
"Andrew stands out amongst all of them for his ability to track and address imbalances happening on a deep energetic and subconscious level. All I can say is if you want to really unwind your patterns to get to your next-level of inner freedom try him out for yourself. You'll be grateful."
- Vanessa Scotto, L.Ac, MCP, MTOM, Miami, FL
"He is intuitive and precise ability to read ones energy field makes for a dynamite session. His grounded, compassionate and humble personality allowed me to feel safe and surrender to the innate healing power of my own body. My life has been transformed and my heart has been set free. I feel so much gratitude for my sessions with Andrew. He is Amazing!"
- Nicole Silver, Delray Beach, FL
"The treatment has changed my life for the better. And the sessions have helped me with more than one issue. Andrew was even able to help me with a sinus infection. He is truly amazing."
- Ana, Miami, FL
"I came to Dr. Heimann because of a lack of sexual desire. He helps me out not only on that but in all aspects of my life. He does not tell you what to do or what to not, he let you go through your own path patience and humbleness using nutripuncture and acupuncture to balance your body so you can reach the best that is in us all and live a joyful, healthy and "sexy" life. I can't be thankful enough for his treatment, I will recommend anyone in any kind of pain to be treated by him."
- Carmen Gloria Mayer, Miami, FL
"Acupuncture with Andrew is not only about healing, but about a life change. In several sessions, he worked my system back to what it was intended to be. My experience was very good and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Andrew for using your talents and abilities."
- Steve Hollis Linton, IN
"My acupuncture appointments were as well beyond of what I was expecting, they were just incredible, my life complete change I simple love them. I greatly recommend, your life will be not the same will be better, much much better!!!"
- Marianna, Miami, FL
"I was stressed and anxious. I yelled constantly, had severe headaches, backaches, and wasn't mentally balanced. After acupuncture, I'm always calm, easy to get along with and more productive in life. I've made more progress with acupuncture in a month than I did with 6 months of mental therapy. I'm eating healthier and losing weight! So many benefits that begins with just one visit."
- Hannah Adams Sullivan, IN
"Andrew was very supportive and worked with me on a weekly basis. The acupuncture treatments assisted in implementing lifestyle changes. I am very grateful that acupuncture is accessible. Andrew not only helped heal problems, it has changed my perception of my body and its inner workings especially in terms of its energetic capacities and blockages."
- Steve Backhus Bloomington, IN
"Andrew relieved years of back and hip pain to minor soreness. The back pain was relieved after 3-4 visits. The leg muscle pain was relieved in 6 more visits. The hip pain was eliminated during the seventh visit. Thanks Andrew! I feel like a new person!"
- Dan Hughes Columbus, IN
"I used to average 3 hours of sleep each night for more than 20 years. Since starting treatments with Andrew I now sleep over 8 hours each night."
- Nathan Abrams Sullivan, IN
"I had an usual skin rash that kept coming back and acupuncture finally cleared it up. I wish I would have seeked out Andrew sooner."
- Irene Simmons Columbus, IN
"Dr. Andrew provides the tools and positive energy to reach your inner goals and aspirations. He really wants people to get better and improve their health mentally, spiritually and physically. He comes with great training and knowledge. Thanks to Dr. Andrew, I feel I have hope to live my life with joy, relaxation, balance and love. I thank you Dr. Andrew for all that I have learned from you."
- Heather Gifford Miami, FL
"I have enjoyed coming to treatments with Andrew. Acupuncture helped me heal from my broken ankle. I avoided a great deal of pain and recovery time due to Chinese medicine and acupuncture. I recommended this approach to others and thanked my friend for recommending Andrew to me."
- Janice Montgomery Columbus, IN
"I no longer have asthma. I have had great relief from pain in my muscles and joints. I have an overall sense of calmness. Acupuncture helped my overall well-being and was more effective than any of the medicines I've ever taken. It was faster and more in alignment with what I want in my life: to return to the balanced me."
- Wilma Quick, Columbus, IN

"When I think about the people I work with and help, and their struggles, not just within themselves but between generations, I admire their willingness to break free from these patterns so their children have a balanced reference.  This wonderful gesture of love for themselves and for their children gives me great hope for our collective future."  -- Andrew R. Heimann

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